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Roliai armchair

Roliai armchair

From the lush forests of Indonesia, I present to you our armchair, a masterpiece sculpted from 100% saman, imported with reverence. This unique piece, which emanates the very essence of wood, will be available in Halo, our furniture and decoration e-commerce, carrying with it the poetry of Indonesian craftsmanship. Each curve of the chair tells the story of a revered tree, with the saman revealing its distinctive grain and its weight providing an indication of its quality. Imagine this armchair as a unique piece of functional art in your home, where solidity meets beauty. Carved in a single piece, saman wood resonates with the skill of Indonesian craftsmanship, turning your space into a sanctuary of natural elegance. Let this armchair, with its weight proportional to its quality, be the fashion statement that transforms your home into a corner of comfort and sophistication.

Material Teak

Peso aproximado 135 kg


70 cm Height 65 cm Length 55 cm Depth


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