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Kolake Side Table

Kolake Side Table

From the enchanted forests of Indonesia emerges our low tamarind side table, an oval-shaped jewel that captivates with its ambiguous sophistication. Imported from Indonesia, this work of functional art will be available on Halo, our e-commerce, carrying with it the poetic essence of wood. Tamarind, with its distinctive grain, becomes a visual dance on this table, fusing elegance with mystery in every carved curve. Visualize this piece of furniture as a visual poem in your home, where sophistication meets the enigmatic essence of Indonesia. The oval shape adds a touch of grace to functionality, turning your space into a scene of charm and style. Let this tamarind table, with its aura of mystery and unique shape, be the fashion statement that elevates your home to new heights of elegance and fascination.


48 kg


33 cm Height 64 cm Diameter

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