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Ramboe Coffee Table

Ramboe Coffee Table

From the lush forests of Indonesia, I present to you our low saman side table, gracefully sculpted from the central part of a sacred tree. Each cut reveals the unique story of the saman, capturing the essence of nature in a visual dance. Imported with devotion, this poetic piece will be available in Halo, our furniture and decoration e-commerce. The samán, with its distinguished grain, adorns the table, creating a visual spectacle of natural elegance. But here lies a functional secret: its central part houses an internal space, a hidden corner to complement its beauty with practicality. Imagine this table as a reflection of the duality of life, where perfect form meets surprising functionality. Each carved detail tells the story of Indonesian craftsmanship, turning your space into a sanctuary of style and utility. Let this precision-cut saman table be the melody that transforms your home into a scene of elegance and functionality.

Material Saman

Peso aproximado 80 kg


A - 44 cm Height 72 cm Length 62 cm Depth 45 Kg.
B - 70 cm Height 65 cm Length 55 cm Depth 76 Kg.
E - 44 cm Height 118 cm Length 59 cm Depth 66 Kg.


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