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Bau Bau coffee table

Bau Bau coffee table

From the magical forests of Indonesia, I present to you our side table, a slice of tree that brings with it the essence of nature. Each ring tells a silent story, capturing the serenity and authenticity of the wood. Imagine this corner of nature in your home, where the organic and unique shape of the side table adds a touch of charm and authenticity. Each carved detail reflects artisanal skill, turning your space into a sanctuary of natural elegance. Let this Indonesian table, with its evocative simplicity, be the jewel that completes your home in every corner.


45 kg


A - 41 cm Height 104≈ cm Length 93≈ cm Wood Depth 9 cm Table thickness 45 Kg.
B - 44 cm Height 117≈ cm Length 68≈ cm Depth 9 cm Table thickness 30 Kg.
C - 45 cm Height 85≈ cm Length 67≈ cm Depth 9 cm Table thickness 23.5 Kg.

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