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Samama coffee table

Samama coffee table

From the lush forests of Indonesia, slip into the visual poetry of our saman centerpiece. Masterfully carved from a single piece, this tree slice brings the magic of nature right into your home. The samán, with its organic and unique grain, tells silent stories of its past in each ring. Imagine this table as a testament to natural elegance, a piece that captures the essence of wood in its truest form. At Halo, our ecommerce, we offer you more than a centerpiece; We provide you with a portal to Indonesian craftsmanship, where every detail is an ode to skill and connection to the land. This unique piece will transform your space into a sanctuary of authenticity and sophistication. Each line and contour tells the ancient tale of the tree, infusing your home with the serenity of distant forests. Let this samán table be the jewel that completes your space, taking you on a visual journey where nature and elegance converge in harmony.


60 kg


45 cm Height 165 cm Length 150 cm Depth

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