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Uner coffee table

Uner coffee table

From the magical forests of Indonesia emerges our saman table, a symphony sculpted in a single solid piece, with a notable thickness that embodies the skill of artisans who give life to wood. Lovingly imported, this table will be the epicenter of your home, available exclusively at Halo (, a haven of furniture and decoration. Each groove and grain of this table tells the story of skilled hands that respect nature, masterfully carving to create a unique piece. At Halo, we are committed to offering our users more than just furniture: an experience of durability and respect for the environment, contributing to sustainability. This samán table, more than just furniture, is a visual poetry that unfolds in your space. Its Indonesian roots bring with them the essence of nature, and from Barcelona to all of Spain, we bring this testimony of craftsmanship and elegance to your home. Discover at the magic of furniture that not only beautifies, but also tells the story of sustainability and artisanal skill.


89 kg


Largo 218cm x Ancho 80 cm x Alto 50 cm

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